Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quarter Circles

I recently received a Curved Seam Templates Set from Fons and Porter 
 I quickly got busy trying it out.  First I cut a square according to the instructions.
 I used the crust template first

 Next I cut another square for my pie.
 I used my pie template and cut this piece.
 Found the centers of each
 and pinned right sides together.
 Matched up the ends and pinned.
Then sewed together making sure my edges met.
 It came out like this.
 Then I pressed to the pie side.
 Here are my quarter circles ready for some play.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Enough and to Spare

I had no need to worry about there being enough scraps for my Not Always Black and White quilt.
 I was able to make all 30- 12" blocks and still had these to spare.
Makes me wonder how many quilts I have in all my scraps.

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Sunshine Returns

When my oldest was little I used to love singing 'You Are My Sunshine' to him.  I feel each of my children is a ray of sunshine in my life.  That said, my baby has been gone for the last two weeks.  We picked her up from the airport late Wednesday night.

Armed with flowers 

and a sign.
 So glad to have this ray of sunshine back.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If Your Ever In A Bind

 Binding that last step to a finished quilt.  I know quilters that love it and others that hate it. I'm a lover of the processes.  Cutting out a quilt is my necessary evil.  But since I have to get that done in order to get to the parts I love it happens.  I'm afraid if it was the other way around I might never finish a quilt. Today I thought I'd share a few tips.  Who knows maybe I'll convert a few of the haters.  If not to the loving side at least to making it tolerable.

 Making binding is fairly easy.  I like to make mine scrappy.  Is anyone surprised by that?  I have a tutorial for it here.  If you don't want it scrappy just use a single fabric rather than sewing strips together as shown in the tutorial.
Getting the binding onto your quilt is the next step.  Here you can find steps to help you along doing it all by machine.  
 Getting it meet up perfectly can throw many quilters.  Here's a tutorial on how to make it come out perfect each time.
 Let me know if you have questions.  I'm preparing for a class on binding and would like to hear where people struggle and what they might find useful.  Your questions and tips would really help me to make this class a success.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Not Always Black and White

You may remember that my grey and black scrap bin was full.  After dumping  those lovely scraps into a laundry basked to make them easier to see.  I started making wonky log cabins.  I've got 19 done. 
 A few more in various stages.
 And here is what the basket of scraps it looking like.
Think I'll have enough for 11 more blocks?
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Free Motion Quilting Musings

If you are like me there are parts of quilting you feel very confident in others that push your limits.  I recently entered a quilt in HMQS.  I know my quilting is not my strong point.
 I did it because my friend, Patsy, who is heavily involved in the show, was looking for quilts.  I told Anna I guess I'll find out all the things I'm doing wrong.  My sweet Anna was surprised to think I was doing anything wrong with my quilts.
 I knew she was wrong and when I got my evaluation it was confirmed.  The only nice thing the judges had to say about my quilt had nothing to do with the quilting but with my color placement.
 But I am not detoured.  I will continue to do my own machine quilting (mainly because I'm cheap.) A dear friend, upon hearing about the evaluation said that not all quilts need to be show quilt quality but are to be loved and cherished.  I'm content on making loved and cherished quilts.
I will however continue to doodle in notebooks, watch You Tube videos and work to improve my quilting.  Whether that yields a show quilt or not.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Managing Scrap Bins

As any quilter knows scraps have a way of multiplying.  Before you know it you have bins that are overflowing with bits of goodness.  What's a girl to do.  Make a quilt of course.  When my blue bin was overflowing I made this one.

When my green bin couldn't be contained it became this.
 My low volume bin has a way of filling quickly and I've been able to make this quilt
 and this quilt.
 Well, I can no longer put the lid on my grey and black bin so I've dumped it into a laundry basket so I can see every little bit more easily.
And today I hope to find a solution to that overflowing bin.

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